One Minute Of Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words

One Minute Video Is Worth 1.8M Words: Content Marketing’s Newest Weapon Every successful business knows that content marketing is a major part of improving conversions and attracting new customers today. However, too many businesses rely solely on writing and stagnant imaging and ignore one of consumers’ favorite types of content marketing: video. In today’s fast […]

Internet Video Will Account For 57% Of All Traffic

Key Findings Video is becoming a critical information source for senior executives. More than 80% said they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago. Senior executives are also turning to video more frequently. Three-quarters (75%) of executives surveyed said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly; more […]

5 Videos Your Company Needs Right Now

A great article from Forbes that breaks down five different video needs each company should address: You want your company to stand out. Problem is your company is not alone. Whether you sell REITs or SUVs, the challenge is the same. So how do you get your message out, define who you are and hold […]

The Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

Video is unquestionably one of the most effective tools used in Online Marketing today, so much so that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content that generated the largest ROI for their business. Video Sharing websites like Youtube and Vimeo offer small business owners the ability to upload and distribute […]