Animated Explainer Video

They say that lightning never strikes twice
However, our growing reputation when it comes to superior explainer videos never fails to strike with resounding success – time and time again. Here at Lightning Cuts, we can place your business in the global spotlight, with a simple yet powerful explainer video.

You’ve probably seen a lot of them around when you visit websites these days. That’s because explainer videos are growing in popularity exponentially, thanks to the universal realization that they can say a whole lot more than a lengthy paragraph of text on your website.

The thing is, the attention span of your audience is plummeting, meaning there is a growing need to ignite, pique and maintain their interest. In today’s world, the power of the explainer video could be the evergreen answer to all of your questions.

An important factor that determines where you show up on Google search results stems from how much time a customer spends on your site. Typically, in modern times, if they see text, they run for the hills. If they see a video, they watch it, and run for the phone to call you because of how much your video engaged them.

That’s where we come in
Our professional and committed team of explainer video gurus will get to work carefully crafting a unique visual masterpiece – no matter the size of your business, or the length of video needed to tell your story and create an evergreen impact.

We’ve got some of the nation’s top scriptwriters, designers and animators on our side, and will even source that upbeat track needed to bring your story to life with un-compromised brilliance.

Giving your audience a visual representation of what they’re about to invest their money in is vital. It allows them to connect with and relate more to your brand. The battle for views on YouTube is real, and those that secure viral success on the platform also secure financial success, beyond comprehension.

Just look at this Dropbox explainer video more close to 5 million views:


Or, this humorous yet exceedingly powerful Quantitative Easing Explained explainer video, using the globally adored “Siri” to tell their story:

Quantitative Easing Explained

It’s our job to grab audience attention and breathe life into your pitch
Minimizing confusion and maximizing in-depth understanding. No matter the genre, and no matter the story, we’re here to let it be told with flawless execution.

This is your chance to showcase the personality and vibrancy of your business. You choose the direction and theme, and we’ll take care of the rest. If your conversion rates are boosted, along with your sales – our job is done.

Please don’t hesitate to drop our friendly team a line at any time. We’re armed and ready to increase your conversion rates, and give you the bragging rights you so rightly deserve.

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