Brand Videos

Brand awareness is an invaluable attribute.  Product names like Kleenex and IPod have become household terms for products that don’t even have an Apple or Kleenex logo.  This is the end goal of all brand awareness based campaigns.   We accomplish this by highlighting your unique qualities, and establish confidence and trust in your brand.

The primary goal with this video is to increase sales and lifelong customer relations. It is a superb way to promote your companies message to grab the attention of your target market.  Allow the viewer to create a relationship with your brand by utilizing a Lightning Cuts video production that mixes strong visuals and appealing musical choices to build an awareness of your product that grows within your audience long after their initial viewing.  Here are a few options to spread this awareness below:

Explainer Videos
This type of video is ideal for giving the public a first introduction to your business.  You can usually find this located on a company’s homepage to quickly break down what you do and how it can benefit the consumer.  This can also be utilized to break down helpful features your company or website provide.

Interview Videos
A very personal way of getting information across by utilizing open-ended questions that promote the interests and concerns of your audience.  It is an excellent way to build brand familiarity by utilizing members of your team, industry experts, and satisfied customers to discuss the benefits of your brand.

Forbes recently addressed how video was a crucial component to assisting the merger between United Airlines and Continental:

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Corporate Application: Keeping the team on the same page
Few corporate events present as many critical organizational challenges as a corporate merger. As Continental Airlines was joining with United Airlines to form the new United, chairman and CEO Jeff Smisek used online video to keep employees informed on key developments and challenges.

According to United EVP and chief revenue officer Jim Compton: “It’s called ‘Jeff’s Journal’ and I think it’s been proving a great way to help employees get to know the new management team and get the cultures together.” Online video, said Compton, is a tool “with great potential for communication, training,” and other corporate applications. 

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