Testimonial Video

Consumers want to see proof that something works. They want to see reviews, and most importantly, testimonials. By proudly boasting client video testimonials on your website, you not only provide future customers with a thorough idea of what they can expect, but you’ll also give them strong foundations of trust and credibility to stand on.

As you’ve probably noticed, the power of the video is on the rise. We live in a visually stimulated generation, with millions of YouTube views racking in – hourly. If your goal is to bring out the very best in your service offerings and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers, then a quality video testimonial is your answer.

Testimonials speak directly to the viewer, making them feel as though they can relate to the speaker on a personal level. “Social Proof” is behind many decisions in customers’ lives day after day. In fact, 78% of people stated that they trust online reviews just as much in-person recommendations.

Customers have limited time, and they want to know the answer to their question immediately. Fast, and real stories from real people will ignite a competitive edge, increasing sales and taking customer loyalty to new heights.

Here at Lightning Cuts, we’ll interview your satisfied customers. Asking all the right questions to receive all the right answers that will highlight the multiple benefits of your product or company.

With master editing and some emotive music, your prospective customers will come flying in. The fact is, without testimonial videos on your website, you’re missing out on probably one of your biggest opportunities to secure success for your business.

You’ve been spending ages telling your own story. By letting someone else take the reins and tell your story for you, it will invoke feelings of trust and excitement in your audience.

However, testimonial videos don’t even just have to be with happy clients! They could be with happy, diligent staff members too, praising your work ethic, the efficiency of the business, and what it’s like to work there. Whether a video focuses on a client or an employee, the basic outcome is the same; your viewer will see that you offer a fantastic service that they simply can’t let slip through their fingers.

Your company testimonial video is just a click away! Get in touch with the pros at Lightning Cuts today, and let’s create something to ignite evergreen success for your business!

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