Training Production

The days of lengthy PowerPoint presentations and internal speeches are slowly becoming obsolete, thanks to the growing popularity of corporate training videos. Whether you need to train your employees, or secure an effective way to introduce new rules, regulations or internal tools, then the professional and dedicated team at Lightning Cuts could be the answer for your business’s needs.

The complicated and sophisticated art of the training video is something that requires an in-depth amount of research into the requirements of the client, as well as the desired outcome. This is what we do best, committing all of our energy into meeting and exceeding your expectations, each and every time.

Training videos are not only a powerful way to send out an effective message, but they are also an incredibly cost-effective solution. Employees that engage with the final product will feel more valued as team members, igniting lasting loyalty and keeping expensive staff turnover at a minimum.

People are becoming more and more visually stimulated as time goes on, and a compelling training video produced by Lightning Cuts is guaranteed to pique interest and maintain attention for longer. Whether the video is for a face-to- face session or web upload, we are fully equipped with every tool and skill required to get the job done with flawless execution.

An additional advantage of company training videos is that they are conveniently accessible to your team members if uploaded via the internet. Whenever they are unsure of anything, they can simply revert back to the video we create for enhanced clarity and understanding of the topic at hand.

Training videos are flexible enough to be viewed from a multitude of devices, and can assist in enhancing the speed at which new staff members familiarize themselves with your business processes. It’s our mission to minimize time wasted, and maximize your results.

If you decide to go forth with a Lightning Cuts training video, we will take the time to get to know you and your business’ needs before going any further. After this initial consultation, we’ll go on to carefully examine the scope of your requirements, deciding upon a format and strategizing the most appropriate plan of action to create your content. We’ll work effortlessly to ensure that the video will be 100% compatible with the platform you intend to utilize, venturing into the production process with un-compromised clarity and unrivaled preparation.

No matter the size of your business, check out our range of comprehensive training video services:

  • Sales Training
  • Product Usage
  • Train the Trainer
  • Interactive DVDs
  • Compliance Programs
  • Staff Orientation
  • Communication Videos

With the appropriate script, editing, soundtrack and overall tone, we can seamlessly set the foundations for a successful employee training program. If you’re in need of a superior training video for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional and experienced team via the contacts page of our website. We look forward to meeting you, and providing you with the ultimate solution you’ve been searching for.

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Training Videos